Our Mission

  • To turn your creative ideas into flawless event production experiences.

  • To find the most effective, efficient and innovative solutions to your event production needs.

  • To make things as simple as possible for you.

  • To provide experienced and knowledgeable technical production management for all event types.

  • To provide cost effective support services for clients and agencies alike from concept to delivery.

Our Founder

Glenn Bolton – Founder

Glenn founded TPE, originally known as The Production Exchange, in 2014 after spotting a gap in the market in the live events industry. Before setting up TPE, Glenn worked as a Technical Director and Production Manager for some of the world’s leading live events agencies across a wide range of disciplines, sectors and countries.

‘It seemed to me that there were many organisations and creative teams working on ideas, and lots of agencies delivering events. However all too often, ideas were signed off and work on projects begun, without input from production and technical specialists. We were being asked to troubleshoot and sort out production challenges at a late stage. By bringing TPE in from the outset, we are able to provide input at ideation, conduct feasibility studies and recommend creative technical design solutions, to ensure ideas can be turned into reality on budget, on brief and on time.

The Team
















Some of the brands we work with

Marshall Amplification
Wella Professionals
Louvre Abu Dhabi
The Salvation Army
Allen & Overy

Where we work

  1. UK
  2. Europe
  3. Asia
  4. Australia
  5. Africa
  6. South America
  7. North America

Leading the way...

I worked with Glenn Bolton on the Ceremonies for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. As Technical Director, Glenn was a huge asset to the department he led and the project as a whole. He had the courage of his well-informed convictions without being closed to the input of others. He cared about the quality of the project journey. He cared for his teammates.  He cared deeply about the end product – the creative vision, the theatre and the audience experience.

David Zolkwer

Head of Ceremonies

Glasgow 2014

David Zolkwer

TPE, or The Production Exchange as we used to be known, was founded in 2014. A group of leading industry experts, we had just completed working on the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. We were convinced we could offer clients a reliable, creative and valued production management service...

Since then, we’ve been partnering with companies, agencies and public bodies to produce best-in-class events. With every project, we pride ourselves on upholding that original promise of reliability, creativity and value that inspired us to set up TPE in the first place.

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